Wondering which Lent Course to follow for 2024 for your church, home group, or individually?

The Life on the Breadline Lent course is available to read, download, and share. This Lent course has been developed from the 3 years of Life on the Breadline research as a result of engaging with Church leaders, Christians, and community groups across the UK.

Eunice Attwood, Church at the Margins Officer for the Methodist Church, who has led the course in previous years said:

“The Life on the Breadline Lent course offers a challenging and inspiring experience. It provides thought provoking questions and in-depth reflection on the Bible and people experiencing poverty, motivating people to take action. It changed people’s perspectives.”

Eunice Attwood, Church at the Margins Officer, Methodist Church

The course has 6 sessions which can be followed individually or in a group.  Each session follows the same format which is planned to take an hour – combining prayer, a short video, a Bible passage, guided reflections, discussion questions, and take-away actions:

  1. Christian responses to poverty
  2. “Love thy neighbour” – poverty and inequality
  3. Race, ethnicity, austerity and faith
  4. Deficits and assets
  5. Housing (in)justice
  6. Poverty and structural inequality

Click on the images below to find out more and access the Lent course: