Following our Life on the Breadline Report for Policymakers which was published at the start of July 2021, we are pleased to publish two policy briefings which accompany the report:

  • The first briefing makes recommendations for how policymakers and Church leaders can work together to address poverty in the UK.
  • The second briefing makes welfare and economic policy recommendations for reducing levels of poverty in the UK.

These have been written for national and regional policymakers across the UK to support Christian responses to poverty and to develop more effective anti-poverty policies.  Importantly, they are about Christians responding to poverty experienced by people of any or no faith, not simply Christians working with Christians.

Each recommendation in the briefing is accompanied by a series of specific actions for policymakers to engage with in both local and national contexts.

Both briefings can be accessed through the above links, or by clicking on the image below, to download, read, and share.