Credit Beth Waters

Faith-based social franchises

Life on the Breadline researcher, Dr Stephanie Denning, has completed a new piece of research on faith-based social franchises

What is a social franchise? – similar to a commercial franchise but in a not-for-profit context, such as organisations with social action networks responding to poverty in the UK. 

What was the research? – completed in 2023, the research involved interviews with past and present leaders of five national faith-based organisations in the UK responding to poverty, and document analysis of their organisation websites.

Why? – attention has not been given to the mechanism of growth of faith-based organisations responding to poverty in the UK since 2000. This research examines this question through social franchising in order to examine the growth and future sustainability of faith-based organisations.

The project’s Report for Voluntary Sector Leaders is available to read and download by clicking on the image below: