Life on the Breadline End of Project Conference

24-25th June 2021 - free online, two day conference

Resources from the conference are available here.

National Poverty Consultation 2021

In collaboration with our project partner, Church Action on Poverty, Life on the Breadline hosted two online sessions at the 2021 National Poverty Consultation in January 2021.

Life on the Breadline Conference: Faith-Based Activism and Austerity Britain

11th September 2020 - free online, half day conference

How has austerity impacted people in the UK? What are the implications of this for theology and faith-based activism? 18 months into the Life on the Breadline research, this one-day conference grappled with these questions with a particular focus on Christian responses to UK poverty and austerity.
Resources from the conference are available here.

Workshop: Transforming injustice in UK austerity and poverty

13th September 2019, Coventry University
A participatory workshop challenging and reflecting on the Church's aim to transform unjust structures in austerity Britain. Resources from the workshop are available here.

National Poverty Consultation 2018

The Life on the Breadline project launched nationally at the National Consultation on Poverty and Religion on 8-9th November 2019 in Manchester in collaboration with Church Action on Poverty.

Faith and Peaceful Relations Forum

24th October 2018, Coventry University

Chris and Stephanie shared about the Life on the Breadline project at the autumn Faith and Peaceful Relations Forum. To find our more, listen to their presentations on the Resources page.

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